Comic Book

comic Book

Comic Book Workshops are Back!

Date: Every Tuesday, 13th October – 8th December 2015
Time: 4:30-6:30pm
Place: YSortIt, 5 West Thomson St, Clydebank
Price: FREE

To sign up please email or call 0141 941 3308

* Please note, every student is required to have a signed consent form to attend the class.  These forms can be collected at the first class, or Click To Download. Any persons under 16 needs a parent or guardian to sign, and anyone over 16 is able to sign for themselves.

For any inquiries please get in touch at or call 0141 941 3308.

Have a look at some photos from previous classes:
12139941_1672099473059581_2332331990759945951_o    12184004_1673837732885755_2907977708410875815_o    12186832_1673837796219082_4477055236641475395_o   12014960_1672099499726245_769262073672398697_o   11229909_1673837739552421_537532543214132063_o   12186832_1673837796219082_4477055236641475395_o

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