Creative Club

Creative ClubCreative Club
Join our Creative Club every Wednesday to take part in all kinds of art and craft activities!

Dates: 9th September – 9th December 2015
Ages 4-10 @ 5-6:15pm & Ages 11-18 @ 6:30-8pm
Location: Centre 81, 2-16 Braes Avenue.
Price: Free

16th Sept: We will be making Picasso masks
23rd Sept: Jackson Pollock splash paintings
30th Sept: Dali surrealist collage
7th of Oct: Recycled fashion
Next 3 Weeks: Halloween Costume Making

* Please note, every student is required to have a signed consent form to attend the class.  These forms can be collected at the first class, or Click To Download. Any persons under 16 needs a parent or guardian to sign, and anyone over 16 is able to sign for themselves.

For any inquiries please get in touch at or call 0141 941 3308.

Have a look at some photos from previous weeks:
10407356_1659659657636896_1404198724691356950_n  11059952_1666690056933856_9051286687166345760_n  11149476_1659659197636942_5702971057657089797_n  12011235_1664556763813852_1102826204866446781_n  12039206_1662220047380857_5882518695711595113_n  12132600_1666690060267189_3062063709088420480_o  12004868_1662220117380850_1905213092776863832_n  12009625_1659659670970228_6400345007214970116_n

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